February, 2016 Bar Exam Results Are Released Today. Good luck, recent exam takers!

On Friday, May 13, 2016, results from the February 2016 California Bar Examination will be mailed to applicants. Applicants will be able to access the pass list this evening, beginning at 6:00 PM  (PST). Wish them all plenty of luck today!

To my past California Western School of Law mentees and interns waiting on bar results today: I wish you good luck this evening. Think positively and I look forward to welcoming you to the Bar along with the CWSL Alumni Group.

To my past CWSL mentees and interns who are practicing attorneys today: Rock on and help me wish CA bar takers the best today. I’m still proud of each and every one of you for accomplishing success with the Bar.

Interested in learning statistics about passing the CA bar? Review information published by the State Bar of California.


Celebrate Mother’s Day With the Kids (Sunday, May 8th) & Then Set Time Aside Time to Make Arrangements for the Children

As families prepare to celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 8th, children and significant others prepare to make this 1 day extra special for her. This day usually showers Mom with flowers, a dining experience, gifts and other memorable moments for the whole family to remember. The point of this day is for Mom’s to feel extra special, but Mom’s can also take this day as a reminder of things to arrange for their family’s future.

Regardless of whether you have been a Mom for 1 year or 21 years, you and your children will feel even more love between yourselves when you let them know that you have planned for their future with estate planning arrangements. Estate planning arrangements offer answers to the following questions:

  1. Who will care for the kids in Mom’s long term absence or death?
  2. Will the kids be left under the parental guidance of their natural father upon Mom’s death?
  3. Are there any savings accounts reserved for supporting the kids upon Mom’s hospitalization, incapacity or death?
  4. Are there any life insurance policies Mom set up?
  5. Who will handle the children’s financial, healthcare and educational future if Mom cannot do it?
  6. If Mom passes away, what items (including houses) do the children split and when?
  7. If Mom owns a business and suffers an accident, who carries on the business?

Estate planning answers many other questions that are dependent upon the family structure. This is even more important where there are circumstances involving adopted children, step children, blended families, disputes among family members and so on.

Therefore, enjoy Mother’s Day this coming Sunday. Hug your children like never before on this day and then focus on how you can show them your love even more through estate planning.  Calendar a reminder to yourself as a Mom to plan for your children’s future through Wills, Trusts, Financial Planning and other methods.



Local San Diego Business Spooner Boards on Shark Tank This Friday!

Are you a fan of the ABC hit-show Shark Tank? Or perhaps you like to support your local business on television? Watch Shark Tank this Friday, May 6, 2016 at 9pm PST on KGTV Channel 10 (ABC Channel) to support local business, Spooner Boards. Spooner Boards based out of National City, CA builds boards in the South Bay area. I’ll be watching as this local team of entrepreneurs wades through tough waters with the “sharks.”

Learn more about Spooner Boards through the National City Chamber of Commerce.
Ryan-Cruz Law, APC is a proud member of the National City Chamber of Commerce.

Learn how small businesses grow into big successes on a local and national level.