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We greatly value our relationships with our clients and accommodate our services to satisfy our clients. Accordingly, we try to make your online experience as easy as possible to use.  Use the following links to stay connected with the firm. Let us know how we can help you.


Initial Retainer Payment / Deposit

After reviewing and signing the firm’s Legal Services Agreement, we require payment of an initial retainer to commence legal work.  An initial retainer is payment to secure the attorney’s time and services. Initial retainers fall in three (3) general categories: a) a straight retainer, b) a security retainer, and c) a flat-fee retainer.  Review your Legal Services Agreement or call to confirm which type of agreement you have.

The straight retainer is earned in its entirety by the attorney upon payment—the client relinquishes all interest in its return. A security retainer is a payment placed in a trust account for prospective services. The client retains an interest in the funds until the services are actually rendered. Lastly, a flat-fee retainer involves fees paid as compensation for services to be rendered in the future. Under this arrangement, payment passes to the attorney whether the service are actually rendered or not. Your retainer type will depend upon the services rendered, time commitment required, project type, and other variables.

Ongoing Invoice Payments

For those legal tasks and projects that require ongoing work, the firm will continue services followed by sending you an invoice afterwards. However, before incurring additional legal services fees, your attorney will discuss upcoming needs and should receive approval for additional legal fees. As such, additional invoice fees should not be a surprise to you. Emergency exceptions may apply.

When you receive an invoice for ongoing services, our statements will clearly identify any funds available in your account as well as balances due upon receipt of your invoice. If you have any questions about any part of your invoice, including the outstanding balance, please contact us at your earliest convenience to clarify the terms of your invoice.  Our representation includes a quality-level of service to each of our clients. For immediate answers, please review your Legal Services Agreement which may spell out fees and costs applicable to your invoice.

Client Connection

We value your relationship with the firm.  As a client with Ryan-Cruz Law, APC, we want to maintain open lines of communications with our client for all needs. If you need a copy of your documents or need urgent attention, please try calling first. Email and texting alternatives are available communication options too. Attorney-client communications, rather than legal staff communications, is what this firm strives for.

Empowering clients by returning to the legal practice basics: personal representation and quality service.


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