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At Ryan-Cruz Law, APC, I aim to reinstate the true definition of a Legal Counselor. In representing your interests, Ryan-Cruz Law, APC intends to keep your priorities and needs at the forefront. With ongoing communication, well-researched points, creative legal strategies and custom-tailored solutions, representation at Ryan-Cruz Law, APC focuses on your priorities.

Mission Statement

To provide quality legal services and make a measurable difference in the lives of the community members served.

Our focus

Dedication to understanding your problem
Developing tailored strategies
Delivering intelligent and systematic legal solutions
Regional knowledge and resources
Humanizing the law

Our Focus: Humanizing the Law

Our Focus: Humanizing the Law.  In essence, humanizing the law means to make the law friendlier to you. Humanizing the law is to make it more civilized, refined, and understandable for you by knowing you on a personal level. Our focus is you. To us, this is the recipe for a successful representation and satisfaction to both parties.

This means attorneys will not only lay out your legal options so that you can understand them better, but will tailor them to your needs. Practical solutions will be offered and customized based on a number of factors: your overall legal problem, your circumstances, your expectations, your capabilities and limitations, and similar factors. More importantly, this means the law is offered to you with less legal jargon, more clarity that makes sense to you and your family all while focusing on your full understanding of the law.

In my experience, I’ve come across persons who feel uncomfortable with their current lawyers or with lawyers in general because their matters quickly became complicated when discussing them with an attorney.  Some were left stressed out in trying to understand their legal circumstances or feeling like their attorney wasn’t customizing legal solutions for the clients need. Instead of clouding your understanding or impressing you with the amount of legal knowledge we possess, in humanizing the law it means to give you a clearer picture by laying out a road-map for you with options to your legal matters that you can use.

In humanizing the law, we aim to connect with you on a friendlier person-to-person level and less on a traditional rigid attorney-to-client level.

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Ruth Ryan-Cruz, Esq.

Ruth Ryan-Cruz, Esq.



Attorney, California State Bar
Attorney, United States District Court; Southern District of California