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LAW SIMPLIFIED. LAW HUMANIZED. Request a consultation. Let’s evaluate your legal matters together

(619) 528-2202

All people are equal before the law. A good attorney is what makes a difference.

Our clients’ success determines our own. We ensure both by collaborating with our clients to achieve their goals.

Whether you need assistance in preventing legal issues or are at a point where you find yourself in a pre-litigation phase, reach out to help you answer your questions.

Call us to receive an initial consultation. Let’s determine together whether our legal counseling and representation is right for you.


“Any profession has its jargon… I can’t bear it. I don’t even like legal Latin. If you can say it in plain English, you should.”

– Ruth Bader Ginsburg, U.S. Supreme Court Justice

Justice Ginsburg is absolutely correct. The law should be straightforward and explained in plain English where possible. In humanizing the law, we aim to connect with you on a friendlier, simpler, person-to-person level. It’s a humanized approach.



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What others say about us

My partner and I needed help with our contract for a business deal we were about to close. We took our contract to Ruth to check a few things and boy were we in for a surprise. Our contract needed a lot of attention and was nowhere ready to be closed as we had it. Ruth explained and suggested plenty of contract terms. I knew we had found the right person to help us with our deal.

I would like to thank Ruth for the great job done with my case. I worked with her for over a year starting with a business argument which later developed into a legal fight. She helped me explore the matter and reach resolution rather quickly with the problematic person. I’m grateful that we accomplished that goal. I’m still working on wrapping up other corporate matters with my attorney as I am satisfied with the work.

Thanks Ruth for your help. I had plenty of questions when I first explored the idea of starting my online business. I asked a ton of questions and received plenty of great guidance from my legal counselor. Wish me luck as my business grows. I may have some other stuff for you very soon. I recommend her.

Ruth was fantastic to work with, very knowledgeable about my inquiries, and was on the ball with keeping me in the loop. Couldn’t have asked for more, she’s really the best!!

I contacted, spoke with and had an initial consultation within a few days time. The initial consultation was no charge. I met with her at her Mission Valley office for an evening appt. She was timely, professional and very informative-even giving a parking voucher to avoid parking fee. I have since hired her as my attorney and have already recommended her to a neighbor. My case involves VDVhoa and their board members unlawful conduct. I hope this review helps others in need of a good attorney.

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