Past and Current Clients Share Their Opinions.

View what past and current clients have to say about their representation and the service received when working with attorney Ruth Ryan-Cruz, Esq.

Helped mom set up her trust

I’m very happy that we had Ruth set up my mom’s trust. She took the time to explain things to my mom, sister, and myself. After my dad passed away, my mom wanted us to sit down and talk about she wants us to handle her health decisions and assets. She spoke with an aunt that told her she needed to set up a trust. Since we never set one up before, we reached out to Ruth to get an understanding of how a trust works. We definitely feel better informed on the process and benefits of the trust. Ruth took her time explaining things for all of us. She also made herself available via email, text, and phone calls for some of our questions. She always responded within a day. We will continue to use Ruth’s services for any future legal needs.

Complicated old Trust and Property issue

Ruth’s experience was evident at onset. I was very impressed with her willingness and ability to reach out to the proper organizations and bring together other experts (CPA, etc..) to make sure we were doing this right the first time. Ruth assisted us with an old trust that my grandfather setup. My grandparents did not speak English and the Trustors? (my Parents and Aunts and Uncles) didn’t follow through with their part after my grandparents passed. Many many years went by which eventually caused issues with a piece of property and some taxes. The last lawyer I used for a probate situation was impressive in the beginning but failed to follow through, take the extra steps, and ultimately do the job he was hired for. I was hauled into court because the lawyer did not complete his probate work. I ultimately had to pay twice for probate which I was ticked about and began to assume that the old saying that a good lawyer is a **^() lawyer was spot on. Ruth re-defined belief in the system as well as my expectations when hiring a lawyer. There are good ones out there – you just need to find them, use your gut and hold them accountable! I will use Ruth FOR EVERY situation requiring a lawyer even if its not in her field… I will consult with her to make sure I get the right person for the job.

Happy with the good contract help

My partner and I needed help with our contract for a business deal we were about to close. We took our contract to Ruth to check a few things and boy were we in for a surprise. Our contract needed a lot of attention and was nowhere ready to be closed as we had it. Ruth explained and suggested plenty of contract terms. I knew we had found the right person to help us with our deal.

great job with my case

I would like to thank Ruth for the great job done with my case. I worked with her for over a year starting with a business argument which later developed into a legal fight. She helped me explore the matter and reach resolution rather quickly with the problematic person. I’m grateful that we accomplished that goal. I’m still working on wrapping up other corporate matters with my attorney as I am satisfied with the work.

Ruth helped me start my business. Thank goodness I found her

Thanks Ruth for your help. I had plenty of questions when I first explored the idea of starting my online business. I asked a ton of questions and received plenty of great guidance from my legal counselor. Wish me luck as my business grows. I may have some other stuff for you very soon. I recommend her.

Excellent, friendly, and helpful!!

Ruth was fantastic to work with, very knowledgeable about my inquiries, and was on the ball with keeping me in the loop. Couldn’t have asked for more, she’s really the best!!

Thank you

Just wanted to take a moment to compliment you on your work in keeping this thing (contract) together, and thank you for your awesome skills.


Ruth helped me resolve an issue related to my business. I’m very thankful for her help! Extremely professional, helpful, friendly, and easy to reach over the phone. A good lawyer is like GOLD in this world! And Ruth is GOOD. Really good.

Ruth was more than helpful and a pleasure to work with. Ruth has also been reliable while working with me on a copy wright case. I had the most confidence that my needs were being met. She is also someone who makes you feel at ease while going through a stressful time. I would highly recommend working with her if you want to get results

Recently I had the need to establish a living trust. During the preparation I had the assistance of Ruth Ryan-Cruz. Ruth worked with me at every step to ensure that my needs were in compliance with applicable laws. She was very helpful in taking the time to explain items and situations that I didn’t completely understand. She was always easy to reach by telephone and on several occasions she even came to the house while the trust was being finalized. I give Ruth my highest praise – I have recommended her to others.

Ruth Ryan-Cruz is amazing! She is dedicated to helping clients understand the services that she and [the firm] are providing. Ruth is extremely personable and committed to providing the best customer service. Ruth’s involvement with my company has been instrumental to my success.

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