Areas of Practice

Areas of Practice

Have legal problems? Every problem has a solution and legal matters are no exception. Here are several topics we can help you with:

Corporate Law

Corporate Law encapsulates several areas in corporation, from the beginning of the corporate entity, to its end. In other cases, mergers and acquisitions.

Intellectual Property

Have you developed products, ideas or concepts that you need to protect? Review intellectual property needs. Think photographs, artwork, names, slogans, music, authored work, sounds and similar.

Estate Planning

Single? Married? Divorced? Widowed? Mixed Families? Everyone Needs Planning

Estate Planning

As part of Estate Planning, we help preparing you and your family prepare for unexpected accidents or death.  Prepare the appropriate paperwork so that your family won’t have to deal with Probate court involvement afterwards.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

If you find yourself in a serious bind either likely resulting in a lawsuit or in a filed lawsuit, there are still available options to help you resolve the open matter.

Real Estate Law

Real property leasing or purchase can be a great investment for you, your family and/or your business. Obtain counseling before you take the next leap.


Perhaps. It really depends on what your legal problem is. If your problem is somewhat associated to the practice areas above, ask me. I may still be able to help.  If your problem has to do with topics not generally associated with the practice areas described above, then it is likely that I cannot help you with your legal matter. However, as part of my extended legal network, I may know of a good team or person to assist you.

When speaking with potential new clients, I ask them to put all legal jargon aside when explaining their legal problem to me. I find it best that potential new clients and I use plain English to discuss problems. This helps avoid confusion or misuse of legal terms, and provides clarity in initial communications concerning a potential representations and available legal solutions.

Absolutely. You’re welcome to call to discuss your legal matter. You’re also welcome to text a shorthand version of your matter where you have little time to get started. (619) 528-2202

Continued Education

As part of the legal profession, practicing attorneys must continue expanding their wealth of legal knowledge through Continuing Legal Education. Here are a few educational series and seminars Attorney Ruth Ryan-Cruz has attending to improve in her practice areas of law.

  • Legal Issues Faced By Craft Breweries
  • Estate Planning for Non-US Assets
  • Deconstructing Commercial Leases
  • Presenting the Plaintiff for Trial
  • China Workshop Series 2014: Everything You Want to Know About EB-5
  • Someone Online Hates You: Ethical Approaches to Reputation Management
  • Beyond 101: Building a China Practice
  • The Marriage Decisions – The Impact for Your Clients (Post DOMA)
  • Future of Pension Reform & Litigation

  • Beer & Wine Law
  • Pre-Trial Preparation and Alternatives for Trial on a Budget
  • How to Limit Cyber Security Risks and Respond to Cyber Security Breaches
  • Probate Court – Keys Issues for Attorneys
  • Forming Foreign Corporations – BRAZIL, CHINA, MEXICO
  • Handling a San Diego County Property Tax Appeal
  • Social Media