Amid COVID-19, Are Your Offices Still Open For Legal Consultations?

As COVID-19 unleashed a health crisis on an international scale, an economic crisis has also occurred and has impacted every single Californian/American. While COVID-19’s stay-at-home orders and social distancing requirements are still in place in Southern California, questions concerning legal matters have continued well through March, April, and May, 2020. These are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Question: Are your offices still open for legal consultations amid COVID-19?

Answer: Services are still being offered, yes. The office building in Mission Valley remains closed for the time being, but that should be opening up fairly soon based on county measures. The last few months, services are being offered remotely. Most matters can still be dealt with. In the event matters cannot proceed, you will be advised on how/when to proceed.

Email to schedule a free consultation or dial 619-528-2202. Typical response time is same-day and next-day. In the event you do not get an immediate response, you are encouraged to dial back in.