What It Costs

Upon learning details of your legal matter I am able to provide you with an estimate of an expected range in attorney’s fees and costs to initiate representation and handle your matter. In full disclosure, projections are purely an estimate based on experience and previous legal cases.

Attorney’s fees cover the time an attorney spends on your matter. Attorney’s costs covers the actual costs spent in your matter. Costs can include filing fees, registration fees, maintenance expenses, and similar.

Ask for a quote. Hourly rates and flat fee services are options at this office.

Receive a Quote Same Day

Call to discuss your legal matter and receive a quote for estimated fees and costs. Same-day telephonic conversations are regularly offered to discuss your matter and set up an initial in-office consultation.  Telephonic initial consultations are also available. Conference calls can be coordinated to meet your schedule.

Flexible Rates

  • Available for Counseling Needs
  • Available for Representation Needs
  • Available for Prosecution and Defense Needs

Many of our legal services are available under an hourly rate arrangement. Initial deposits are regularly required to initiate representation.

Examples of services available under hourly arrangements include:

  • Business Law Counseling and Representation
  • Real Estate Counseling and Representation
  • Estate Planning Counseling and Representation
  • Probate and Trust Administration Counseling and Representation
  • Intellectual Property Counseling and Representation
  • Document Drafting, Negotiating & Dispute Resolution Services & Representation. Examples include:
    • Buy-Share Agreement
    • Shareholder Agreement
    • Consulting Agreement
    • Contractor Agreement
    • Vendor Agreement
    • Business Contract
    • Confidentiality Agreement
    • Non-Compete Agreement
    • Non-Disclosure Agreement
    • Employment Contract
    • Residential Lease Agreement
    • Commercial Lease Agreement
    • Wills
    • Revocable Living Trusts
    • Power of Attorney
    • Corporate Document
    • Sales Contract Agreement
    • Trademark Infringement
    • Copyright Infringement
    • Online/Internet Matters

Call to ask about hourly services.

  • Available Per Document Review
  • Available Per Legal Matter
  • Available for Monthly General Counseling Needs

Depending upon the services requested, this office may provide you with a flat fee service option to control your legal costs. A flat fee arrangement means that services are invoiced up front under one (1) single rate regardless of the attorney’s time spent on the matter. Flat fee services are offered for outside general counseling services on an ongoing basis as well as per-document or per-matter services.

Examples of services available under flat fee arrangements include:

  • Business Law Advice Sessions. Examples include:
  • Real Estate Advice Sessions
    • HOA disputes
    • CC&R Document Review
    • Purchase/Sale Document Review
    • Lease Agreement Document Review
  • Estate Planning Advice Sessions
    • Beneficiary Inquiries
    • Trust Administrator Inquiries
    • Executor Questions
  • Intellectual Property Advice Sessions. Examples include:
    • Trademark Registration
    • Copyright Registration
    • Work-Product Protection
  • Document Drafting & Negotiating Services.
  • Document Review Services. Examples include:
    • Buy-Sell Agreement Review
    • Shareholder Agreement Review
    • Consulting Agreement Review
    • Contractor Agreement Review
    • Vendor Agreement Review
    • Business Contract Review
    • Confidentiality Agreement Review
    • Non-Compete Agreement Review
    • Non-Disclosure Agreement Review
    • Employment Contract Review
    • Residential Lease Agreement Review
    • Commercial Lease Agreement Review
    • Will Review
    • Revocable Living Trust Review
    • Power of Attorney Review
    • Corporate Document Review
    • Sales Contract Review

Call to ask about flat fee services.

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